Founded in December 2017 with registered capital of 10 million, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhuhai Yansheng ultramicro wire co. , Ltd. , the main responsibility is to research and develop high-value-added winding products and all kinds of core raw materials, new or innovative materials around the wire, new processing technology and the application of industry. 


There are five Institutes: R& D department, testing center, intellectual property management Department, Management Department and Experience Workshop. 


1. the basic research and development Group is responsible for the Study of the properties of raw and auxiliary materials, from theory to application to explore the processing limit of material performance, while undertaking all kinds of research related to environmental Protection related to materials, production, use and so on; 


2. the application research and development Group mainly according to the special industry application customer's demand, carries on the special customization research and development. In particular, special application fields, aerospace navigation and other three navigation fields. 


3. the strategic research and development Group is responsible for the research and development of the company's strategic decision-making subject. 




As an indispensable supporting Department, the Institute's testing center has the laboratory qualification, which is mainly responsible for the testing of performance indicators and the development of special performance. 


The Research Institute plans about 500 sq ft of office space, including five areas, such as office area, Lassie test area, coating test area, installation area and core secret area. We have 11 sets of lacquer wrapping machine of various specifications, 7 sets of wire drawing machine and related matching testing equipment. 


The total number of Academy personnel is 28, including external experts and long-standing R& D team, of whom 20 or more, or 71% . Among them full-time R& d personnel 18, in addition to new personnel, other personnel industry has been engaged for more than 10 years, overall R& d strength.