Zhuhai RONSEN Super Micro-wire Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of Guangdong RONSEN (Infund Holding) which is a Hi-Tech enterprise specializing in developing, producing and marketing micro and special enameled copper wires,  “RONSEN” has become the a dominant brand of micro and special enameled copper wire in the world .


       RONSEN Super Micro-wire Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985, the headquarter located in Sanzao science and technology industrial park, Zhuhai, China, , adjoining Hong Kong and Macao. Ronsen, an enterprise with 205950000 RMB registered capital,, covering floor area of 130,000 square meters , has more than 1,000 employees and has 18,000 tons annual yield of micro and special enameled copper wire, and its annual turnover supassed1,000,000,000RMB.


       RONSEN Super Micro-wire Co., Ltd. was listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code 002141) in July, 2007, possesses couples of wholly subsidiaries such as Jiaxing RONSEN. As of 2016, RONSEN developed three “five-year plans” under the strategic guide of major shareholders and the board of directors, and will achieve the following in the future 15 years: Continuous doubled increase in output, sales volume, revenues, production efficiency and operating performance. Meanwhile, the company also put huge investments in the technical innovation of products and development of new prospective environment friendly equipment, thereby achieving cleaning production.


       RONSEN Super Micro-wire Co., Ltd. set up the manufacturing branch in Anhui Province of East China in 2018 to conform to the development needs of the high-end market, covering a floor area of 30,000 square meters, and the annual output of micro-enameled copper wires is more than 9,000 tons. Targeting at high-end customers, the branch possesses “product quality online monitoring”, “production management process control” and other modern production management systems, thereby ensuring the consistency of product quality.


       RONSEN Super Micro-wire Co., Ltd., as a professional micro-enameled copper wire producer, covers five categories of paint films and self-bonding wires. Conductors, in addition to oxygen-free copper and low oxygen copper, also include Cu-Ag, Cu-Zn Cu-Sn and other alloy enameled copper wires. Various take-up spools are provided for customers in different regions to meet the requirements of customers’ ultra-high winding speed.


       RONSEN Super Micro-wire Co., Ltd. successively passed the certification of ISO9001 quality control system, ISO14001 environment management system, IATF16949 automobile quality control system, ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory management system and ISO10012 measurement management system.


       In order to meet the application needs of different customer products, the company established Hongfa workshop, Beecham workshop, NMB-MAT workshop and other workshops, while setting up the 4.0 workshop, introducing internationally-leading Germany Niehoff coarse and intermediate wire drawing machines in the wire drawing field, by which the finished product can be up to 0.0125 millimeter in the minimum diameter from the incoming wire diameter of 10 millimeters; which is specially matched with mechanical industry, electric power industry and information industry.


       The company attaches great importance to the technical developing developing of products, establishing the special developing team. The independent subsidiary company responsible for developing, ”RONSEN Electronic Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd.”, was founded. Its subordinate detection center has passed the certification of CNAS (ISO17025) management system, which can provide overall and professional enameled copper wire analysis for internal and external customers.


       The company actively devote itself to automated, intelligentized and informationalized high-end flexible production mode under the macroscopic background of “Made in China 2025”, creating unmanned workshops, and making employees experiencing the happy manufacturing way while enjoying life. As the leading enterprise in the subdivided field, while focusing on self-development, we accurately grasp national strategic conception and professional policy guidance of municipal and district governments, positively shouldering society responsibility, creating the first pollution-free enterprise in the pollution industry of enameled copper wires, and actively undertaking the mission guiding the green and healthy development of the industry.