Quality Assurance System

Over the years, RONSEN devoted itself to striving for excellent product quality all the time, persisting in the business Philosophy of “erudition and continuous improvement, technology-based winning” and the quality policy of “demand grasp, continued improvement, customer satisfaction and high-end quality”. The company passed the certification of ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO17025, ISO10012, ISO50001 and other quality management systems.

RONSEN believed that product quality depended on design, manufacturing and management. It is necessary to implement advance quality planning and ensure design quality in the product design and development stage. Full-automated wire drawing and lacquering all-in-one machine with complete functions can be designed and developed under the concepts of IE and lean production in the process design and development stage, and the requirements of problem prevention and warranty are rooted in each procedure. RONSEN also devoted itself to continued improvement and carried out diversified “QCC” group activities over the years, constructing the quality cultural atmosphere of total involvement in improvement. In recent years, RONSEN devoted itself to the construction of the group management mode in management, introducing the advanced management philosophy and improving the management level comprehensively, thereby laying a solid foundation on the improvement of product quality.

In terms of product standards, RONSEN not only established high-requirement enterprise standard, but also led and participated in formulating the national and industrial standards of multiple enameled copper wire products.

In addition, RONSEN established the complete supply chain management system and flow, and transferred the advanced quality management philosophy to suppliers, promoting suppliers to improve the quality level of incoming materials continuously.

RONSEN improved the management level and product quality level in accordance with the enterprise spirit of “diligence, care, hardworking and persistence” continuously to strive for meeting customers’ requirements and expectations better.