RONSEN--The Leader in the Field of Micro-enameled Copper Wire

Zhuhai RONSEN is the leading manufacturer in the field of enameled copper wire micro and special enameled copper wires in China We can produce and supply enameled copper wires in accordance with IEC 60317, NAME MW1000JIS C3202 and relevant industrial standards or customers’ special demands. In addition to enameled copper wires, RONSEN also produces enameled copper wires for multiple metallic materials, such as self-adhesion wires, multiple metals and alloys and tinned wires.

Enameled wire supply covering the whole world

High-Standard and High-Quality enameled Copper Wire Product

Located in the core of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, radiating to each place all over the world with convenient logistics to meet the customers’ flexible delivery requirements. RONSEN has enameled copper wire customers all over the world.

High-Standard and High-Quality enameled Copper Wire Product

RONSEN implements precise control to all products and technological parameters in the production process.The efficiency of the warranty measure has been certified by multiple external reviews and certificates.

Environmentally-Compatible enameled Copper Wire

Our enameled wires are produced in accordance with environmental standards and the content of contaminated materials has been reduced to a minimum that can be reached. The corresponding EHS certificate issued by the independent third party laboratory proves that the lacquer wire of Ronsen is green and environmentally friendly.

Application of enameled Copper Wires

Enameled wires are used in a variety of electrical products, such as Transformers and Motors, relays, magnetic valves, etc. , are now covering a wide range of vehicles, 5G communications and other emerging industries, while RFID, animal ear marks manufactured with self-glue wire are also developing rapidly.

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