Diverse products

Product diversity product lines mainly include enameled copper round wire (non self-adhesive), self-adhesive enameled wire, small flat enameled wire, alloy wire, tinned round copper wire and other products. In enamelled round copper wire, tens of thousands of different product combinations can be formed according to conductor size, paint layer thickness, insulation material, color, spool packaging, etc.

Production process

Basic principle: under the action of tension, copper material passes through the wire drawing die and plastic deformation occurs, which reduces the circular section and increases the length. Large pull → medium pull → small pull → fine pull → micro pull. Different specifications meet the different needs of customers.


For many years, Ronsen has been committed to pursuing excellent product quality, adhering to the business philosophy of "Bohe and refinement, winning through science and technology" and the quality policy of "grasping demand, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, high-end quality". The company has passed ISO9001, iatf16949, ISO14001, ISO17025, ISO10012, iso50001 and other management system certifications