Usage Notice

1、Please refer to the product brief to select the appropriate product model and specifications to avoid unusable due to non-conformance.

2、When receiving the goods, confirm whether the outer packaging box is crushed, damaged, pitted or deformed; during handling, it should be handled gently to avoid vibration and the whole cable is lowered.

3、Pay attention to protection during storage to prevent it from being damaged or crushed by hard objects such as metal. It is forbidden to mix and store with organic solvents, strong acids or strong alkalis. If the products are not used up, the thread ends should be tightly packed and stored in the original packaging.

4、Enameled wire should be stored in a ventilated warehouse away from dust (including metal dust). It is forbidden to direct sunlight and avoid high temperature and humidity. The best storage environment is: temperature ≤ 30 ° C, relative humidity & 70%.

5、When removing the enameled bobbin, the right index finger and middle finger hook the upper end plate hole of the reel, and the left hand supports the lower end plate. Do not touch the enameled wire directly with your hand.

6、During the winding process, put the bobbin into the pay-off hood as much as possible to avoid the solvent contamination of the wire. In the process of placing the wire, adjust the winding tension according to the safety tension gauge to avoid the wire breakage or the wire lengthening due to excessive tension. And other issues. At the same time, the wire is prevented from coming into contact with the hard object, resulting in damage to the paint film and short circuit.

7、Solvent-adhesive self-adhesive wire bonding should pay attention to the concentration and amount of solvent (methanol and absolute ethanol are recommended). When bonding the hot-melt adhesive self-adhesive wire, pay attention to the distance between the heat gun and the mold and the temperature adjustment.