Cultural Exchange

grow like poetry


2019-01-14 15:45

you thirty years ago

born with a cry

no flowers

no cheers

Even the humble swaddling is someone else's

someone said

you are the mother of relays

some people say

you are the father of the solenoid valve

ignorant you

started his own journey

Rongsheng Rongsheng

we whisper your name

your tender shoulders

Taking on the mission of the electrical age

your weak body

Bearing the ups and downs of the growth process

You meet setbacks with enthusiasm

You embrace the dawn with pride

thorns ahead



Take it with equanimity

every transformation

Pain and tears

every cross

opened up new horizons

You finally broke the cocoon into a butterfly

dance to tune

own home

the vast sea

You gallop out, chasing the waves

blue sky

You dance the clouds and clouds

Yulin Village rises from high-rise buildings

Magnetoelectric world builds great achievements

The intelligent era shows its majesty

The Belt and Road is a hero

right there in the glorious heights

in your year


Wandering like a shadow

broad avenue

You stepped out in panic

splendid future

You narrowed your bewildered eyes

The sound of breathing is heavy like a mountain

Every customer complains like a curse

A thousand sails pass by the side of the sinking boat,

Wanmuchun in front of the sick tree

Rongsheng Rongsheng

we call your name

You still have a great body

You still have a straight spine

wake up

Set off!

You are the wise golden monkey after all

Have the courage of phoenix nirvana

The determination to cut off the beak of an eagle

Rise with a roar

like that day

Like that walker dancing the golden rod

smugly set off again

Write a new chapter with great pride

Bend the bow and draw arrows to shoot Sirius

Blade's Edge Hiraoka

We will compose an epic together

Start in 2016

Every Rongsheng person is a character in it

we honor her

she elevates us

Mutual agitation and mutual support

Min Xing Na Yan Building a Dream for the Future

Thank heavens for Ren and Weifeng

Concerned about the society, concerned about the common people

Respect the elderly and help students spread love

Social responsibility spare no effort

Focus on the value of silk

Create a beautiful life

Responsible for national justice

Create a world brand

In case the Zen barrier is broken

Beauty like jade sword like rainbow

three five years past

We will be on Everest!