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2019-01-14 15:48

The golden autumn and September is the harvest season. With this joy and yearning, I participated in the study trip organized by the company in Niehoff, Germany!

In Zhuhai in the early autumn, the sun was still fierce. We wore short clothes and packed our bags. We took a flight via Hong Kong. When we arrived at Frankfurt Airport, the local temperature was only 6 degrees. It changed from summer to winter.

When you leave the airport, you can see the original German buildings. The houses are unique in Bavaria, with triangular roofs, low houses, mostly three or five floors, ancient castles and churches, and they are relatively well preserved. The city is clean and tidy, with good greenery. Germans like red roses very much. Red roses are planted on the windowsill in front of every door or on the balcony of every house. , is simply a city with a garden with a little fairy tale kingdom!

The main roads in urban and suburban cities are relatively retro, and they are all cement roads. Other roads are all paved with large bricks. Cars drive by and tires rattle. When driving a vehicle at a traffic light or an intersection, when the green light is on, German drivers will slam the accelerator, accelerate and quickly pass through the intersection without slowing down.

The expressway is effectively divided and connected with the city and the forests, avoiding congestion at the centralized point, and achieving early diversion. There are almost no viaducts or bridge-type highways, and there are no toll stations on the road, which greatly improves the efficiency of vehicle traffic and reduces road congestion. , to avoid traffic accidents. In China, there are often many toll stations on expressways, and congestion at toll stations on holidays has almost become the norm.

The trees in the woods beside the expressway stand tall and straight, the trunk of the tree is not bent, the utilization rate of the tree is high, and the variety and quality of the tree are better. Most of the domestic tree trunks are twisted and twisted, and the utilization rate is not as good as that of Germany. It is worth learning from or improving. The high utilization rate of trees has also promoted the development of the German paper industry. In public catering such as restaurants and hotels, there is a high-grade paper pad on the chest when eating Western food. There are many small wooden houses, and even public toilets are provided with free paper towels, etc. , there is no such treatment in the country.

There is no speed limit for vehicles on German highways, which is very different from China. Traffic accidents at such a fast speed are still relatively few. It depends on the driver's self-discipline. The overtaking lane always gives way to the car behind. Regardless of whether there is a vehicle behind, it will quickly return to the original lane. Large trucks always drive in the right lane, do not use the small lane to overtake, let alone the overtaking lane, and no vehicle will illegally occupy the emergency lane to drive or drive. Stop, when encountering ambulance or special vehicles, they will consciously give way or stop to both sides. This is one of the important aspects of German citizens’ compliance with road traffic regulations that is worth learning from the Chinese!

There is also a strange thing, that is, in Germany, the driver of a large or small truck or a car can drive with a trailer after obtaining the qualification. The same cargo box can be hung after the large truck container, which greatly improves the transport capacity, and at the same time greatly reduces the load on the road. Pavement damage, reducing road maintenance costs and manpower, some cars have trailers behind them, and some have trailers, all kinds of strange!

It was twelve o'clock in the afternoon when we arrived in Nuremberg. After a short break, we started to visit the factory.

The air in the factory is good, the green scenery is pleasant, and the security fences are few and not high. The factory is clean and tidy, the signs are clear, the objects are placed in an orderly manner, the workers are polite, and take the initiative to say hello. The roof of the factory in the manufacturing and processing area is a steel structure, with high wiring ducts, air pipes, and water pipes built against the wall, with reasonable distribution, and water and electricity. The direction of the road is marked and the arrow name is clear. The ventilation ducts are designed and installed neatly and beautifully at high altitude. It can be automatically adjusted according to the indoor temperature and humidity, and the effect is very good! The whole tin roof is said to be not very hot in summer without having to turn on many fans or air conditioners. It saves electricity and is environmentally friendly. The windows have light switch, which will automatically close the shutters when encountering strong sunlight. The lights in the house will automatically sense when someone encounters them at night. It will automatically turn off when the light reaches a certain level during the day. The huge CNC machining center can process the huge large or middle-pull machine tower wheel box assembly blanks into semi-finished products to be installed at one time. The processing accuracy is quite high, which is rare. Listen to the introduction, There are few such equipments in the world, there are not many, and the degree of automation is high. The entire workshop has high intelligent facilities.

Another feature is the German dual education (school + enterprise) model, where vocational schools and enterprises are responsible for theoretical and practical professional training. In the workshop of the factory, there is a special training place for new students to study. The factory will sign employment contracts with vocational technical schools according to their needs. After three years of employment, students will be assigned to previous internship positions to directly match the shortage of employees, especially It is the shortage of skilled workers, which ensures the quality of processing or assembly of any part and maintains the healthy development of the enterprise.

Going to the night market at night is also a happy thing.

In German supermarkets, there is a glass window next to the door of the large and small stores to show customers the main products and prices they sell. It is different from the domestic advertising method. The supermarket will proofing and finishing work before 8:00 in the evening, so in other places Shopping must pay attention to the time. The Nuremberg Oktoberfest in Germany is quite lively, with huge crowds, drinking rationally, communicating with each other and enhancing friendship. Germans don’t make loud noises when they drink and eat. Compared with China, they are much quieter. I don’t know how noisy this festival is in China. There are young and old men and women, and they all like to drink beer. Beer tastes good! If you meet a stranger, you will take the initiative to greet you, very friendly. If you are in China, you will be considered a liar or a lunatic. Different countries have different education methods. Germans are proud in their bones, and the whole nation has excellent quality and fine traditions. , worthy of their pride and heritage.

I was about to go back to China. I went shopping for several nights. I bought the necessary items. I bought baby milk powder for almost a year. The Germans are also afraid that the Chinese will buy milk powder in large quantities. The purchase limit is 3 cans per person per day. Can't buy milk powder. Foreign milk powder is inexpensive and high in nutritional value.

The trip to Germany made me realize that there are many things worth learning from abroad, whether it is energy conservation and environmental protection, economic development, and human life.