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memory shoe


2019-01-14 15:48

Today, shoes not only have the basic functions of walking, foot protection, and even comfort at first, but also with clothing, fashion and beauty, and even great personality have given shoes new functions and requirements. I think this is actually a history of the development of human shoes.

With me, shoes also have a history. I have worn countless shoes since my mother gave me the first pair of shoes. Especially in the days after work: I have my own money in my hand, and the supply of commodities is becoming more and more abundant. In addition, I have a certain complex in my heart due to the lack of material in my childhood. When I see what I like, I buy it without hesitation. From flat bottom to sky high, from single black to colorful, from spring and autumn to spring, summer, autumn and winter, from ankle to long boots, gradually, the shoes at home are comparable to a small shoe store. However, the deepest memory is actually only three pairs of shoes, and three pairs of shoes that have nothing to do with the current variety of shoes. When I mention them, when I think of shoes, I will think of them.

The first pair of shoes were square-mouth cloth shoes and cotton shoes with the soles of my mother. In the days when we were all children, shoes were basically handmade at home (I say at home, because some families also have fathers making them). After the autumn, the sun is very good. My mother disassembles and washes all the clothes that cannot be wanted at home, and pastes them with flour. The left layer and the right layer are made into a robe, and they are placed in the sun to dry thoroughly. Afterwards, we glued the front and back sides with the white coarse cloth we bought. After measuring the size of our feet, we drew a paper pattern, cut it into a shoe pattern, and cut the jacket according to the shoe pattern. Next is the line. At that time, all you could buy were single-strand white threads, but it was not possible to pierce through thick shoes and tie them together, and not into strands. So, many times in my childhood, I became my mother and the little helper of the thread: I hooked the thread with my little finger at this end, and my mother was at the other end of two or three meters, biting it with her teeth and rubbing it with her hands... In this way, the double strands are twisted into a single strand, and so on, and finally it becomes a thick and thin thread that can be used to hold the sole of the shoe. From then on, every day when I went home from school, the mother who was busy with our meals would hold the sole of the shoe in one hand, the awl in the other, needle and thread, and the appearance of taking the sole of the shoe. This picture will always be in my mind! 

The sole is the most important and time-consuming part of making a new shoe. The sole is ready, and the upper is matched, and a new pair of new, comfortable shoes is born. Throughout my childhood and most of my teenage years, I wore the shoes made by my mother, the cotton-padded shoes in winter, and walked on the way to school to seek knowledge. Also happy!

The second pair of shoes was the year I was in the third year of junior high school (1985), right? ! My eldest sister's house is next door to the teacher who taught me English. Her boyfriend is from Tianjin. When her boyfriend came to see her from Tianjin, he brought a pair of light yellow and greenish cloth shoes, plastic soles, and women's shoes with the same color insole. In my eyes, they looked very much like ballet shoes, where everyone still wears handmade shoes. In the era of cloth shoes, this was a very rare pair of shoes. Therefore, with just one glance, I remembered in my heart: If it were mine, how wonderful it would be! ! Later, by accident, it really became mine (the shoes were too big, and the female teacher couldn't wear them, so let me try them on, but I fit them well. My mother saw that I liked it so much, and she bought it as soon as she gritted her teeth. That year, a pair of Cloth shoes more than 3 yuan, but very expensive). I was excited and happy for many days. Wear it every day and don't want to take it off. Because the color is light and I am playful, the shoes get dirty more easily. As a last resort, I washed it every three days. After more than a year, it was completely broken, and I reluctantly put it aside. But soon, I had an idea, and this was the third pair of shoes.

The third pair of shoes is made with the sole of the second pair of shoes, and the mother has added an upper. At my suggestion, my mother made the upper out of a grey suit I couldn't wear, one summer noon, while we were both taking a nap. Remember to do it well, my mother asked me to get up and try it, and it was not far from school time in the afternoon. I got up in a hurry and put it on in a hurry. Although I squeezed my feet a little, I was still happy. I asked my mother to leave a buckle loop at the heel, like a thread with my mother, and made a long decorative belt with black yarn, through the buckle loop, crossed the calf, and returned to the heel to tie a knot, like The real ballet shoes I imagined. Hurry and hurry to school happily. It was my happiest summer when I was 16 years old. Later, my brother's friend also asked me: Why do your shoes look like ballet dancers? Several of us boys have the same question!

Years are like water, and in the blink of an eye, people have reached middle age. In the past days of my life, every pair of shoes I wore carried the rush of my eagerness to know the outside world. The first pair of shoes is family affection and love, which will accompany me until I grow old; the second pair of shoes is the desire and yearning for a better life, which should be kept in my heart forever as the driving force for continuous improvement; the third pair of shoes is my Unique fashion concept, not unconventional but also has its own unique style.

In the future, there is still a long way to go. The scenery you encounter on the way is different, so you should wear shoes with different functions. I, who love beauty in my life, will also have many shoes that I like, but no matter how it changes, the three things in my life. A pair of shoes will always accompany you.

Wear your favorite shoes, walk your own firm path, let love follow you, rain or shine!