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Unite our will to fight against the "Heavenly Pigeon" and work together to ensure production


2022-07-29 16:19

At 12:00 noon on August 23, 2017, the super typhoon "Hato" landed in the waters near Sanzao Airport in Jinwan District, Zhuhai City, causing the paralysis of a large area of ​​Zhuhai's hydropower and bus lines, and also causing the roofs of some of our company's factories to be lifted. , the machine stopped production due to water inflow, resulting in great property and economic losses. As the leaders of our company attach great importance to it, the premise is to make adequate preparations to minimize losses.

After receiving the typhoon warning information on August 22, the company immediately launched the relevant emergency plan, and immediately established a leading group under the typhoon emergency command. And according to production, administration, safety, equipment and other related functions, a self-rescue team such as production coordination, equipment emergency treatment, safety inspection, and logistical support is formed to conduct careful inspections in all areas of the plant to eliminate potential safety hazards caused by typhoons and ensure the company. The safety of people, property and materials will minimize the possible typhoon losses. 10 potential safety hazards were investigated and disposed of in advance, and more than 100 on-site production personnel were transferred. Due to the unity of thought, adequate preparation, and effective measures, except for some non-human losses, there were no casualties and major economic losses.

After the typhoon, the company immediately transformed the emergency leading group into the post-disaster production resumption leading group to organize post-disaster production resumption. In accordance with the spirit of the government's relevant notice of resumption of production and resumption of work, the company has closely organized and implemented the resumption of production and work in an orderly manner. Everyone worked together, tried every means, overcome all kinds of difficulties, and resumed safe production at the fastest speed. With the joint efforts of all employees of the company, production was finally basically restored on November 29.

Although the typhoon caused a lot of property damage to the company, all the employees show the spirit of loving the factory by taking the factory as their home, thinking in one place, and working hard to ensure safe production, which will become the people of Rongsheng. precious spiritual wealth.