Diversified Products

The product line mainly includes enameled round copper wires (non-bonded), self-adhesion enameled wires, small flat enameled wires, alloy wires, tinplating round copper wires and other products.

Production process

Basic principle: under the action of tensile force, through drawing die, plastic deformation occurs, so that the round section reduces, the length of a pressure processing method. Big pull, medium pull, small pull, fine pull, micro pull different specifications to meet the different needs of customers.

Quality assurance system

Over the years, RONSEN devoted itself to striving for excellent product quality all the time, persisting in the management idea of “erudition and continuous improvement, technology-based winning” and the quality policy of “demand grasp, continued improvement, customer satisfaction and high-end quality”. The company passed the certification of ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO17025, ISO10012, ISO50001 and other quality management systems.