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Ronsen Testing Center is a testing center with early establishment, professional ability and perfect equipment in the enameled wire industry. It is affiliated to Zhuhai Ronsen Electronic Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd., which was established in January 2005 with a project investment of more than 10 million yuan and total construction area. It is 1000m2, with world-class gas-mass spectrometer, Fourier infrared spectrometer, fluorescence spectrometer, dielectric loss meter, direct reading spectrometer, metallographic microscope, electronic universal tensile testing machine, oil measuring instrument, full enameled wire performance and other testing equipment.

The testing center was approved by CNAS in March 2011 and became a laboratory accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). It has approved a total of 35 test methods and product standards, and can undertake the insulation paint and copper materials for enameled wire and enameled wire. Performance testing work to provide accurate, reliable and credible testing data and reports for the company's products.





X fluorescence spectrometer


Large tensile testing machine

infrared spectrometer



Dielectric loss meter






Direct Reading Spectrometer