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Product Diversity

The product line mainly includes enameled round copper wires (non-bonded), self-bonding enameled copper wires, fine flat  copper wires, multiple metals and alloys, tinplating copper wires and other products.

Enameled round copper wires can be composed of tens of thousands of product mixes depending on conductor dimensions, enameled coating thickness, insulating materials, colors, spool packaging, etc.


Conductors: Main conductor materials include copper, copper alloy, silver alloy, etc. Enameled copper wire/Tech & Specification parameters mainly direct at the dimensional requirements of conductors and outer diameters of cooper round wires; and for other types of products, please refer to related product introduction.


Insulating materials:Insulating materials with different temperature classes can be provided, such as Class 155 polyurethane, Class 180 polyurethane, class 180 polyester imide, Class 200 polyamide imide composite polyester imide, Class 220 polyamide imide and Class 240 polyimide. For more details, please refer to models of enameled copper wires.


colour:Red, green, blue and other different color products can be provided according to customer needs, but the price is slightly higher than the original color.

Spool and packaging:According to the line requirements and habits, a variety of spools of double-cone, cylindrical, and conical shapes, as well as wire barrels and other packaging methods can be provided. For details, see spools and packaging.

lubricating oil:The lubricating oil content can be precisely controlled to ensure high-speed winding processing characteristics while avoiding problems in potting and encapsulation, and to meet the requirements of sealed electronic components.