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In recent years, the company has reviewed the situation of volatile organic waste gases (VOCs).

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With the country's constant attention to the environment, the introduction of new environmental protection laws and the implementation of the “gas ten” of air pollutants control, the government's environmental protection departments at all levels have continuously strengthened the supervision of organic emissions. The corresponding issuance documents require all VOCs emission companies to actively respond to the government's call to strengthen organic waste gas treatment and minimize organic emissions.

Safety and Environmental Protection Department Wang Gang

With the country's constant attention to the environment, the introduction of new environmental protection laws and the implementation of the “gas ten” of air pollutants control, the government's environmental protection departments at all levels have continuously strengthened the supervision of organic emissions. The corresponding issuance documents require all VOCs emission companies to actively respond to the government's call to strengthen organic waste gas treatment and minimize organic emissions.


In order to achieve clean, pollution-free and sustainable development, the company's leadership has a long-term vision and advance layout. Since August 2014, it has continuously strengthened investment in environmental protection, increased investment in the management of volatile organic waste gas, and upgraded from production equipment. The production process is further optimized, and the environmental protection facilities are continuously upgraded to greatly reduce the emission of volatile organic gases. As of October 2018, the company's environmental protection investment in waste gas treatment has accumulated more than 20 million yuan.


In order to effectively respond to the law enforcement inspections of the government's environmental protection authorities and ensure the company's uninterrupted normal production, the company began to implement clean production audits in June 2017, and continuously strengthened the construction of environmental protection facilities. In addition to strengthening the regulation of volatile organic waste gases, it also strengthened the With the control of raw materials and auxiliary materials of VOCs, the annual emission of organic waste gas can be effectively reduced by 73.6 tons without any reduction in output, and it will be accepted by the government expert group in October 2017.


At the same time, in view of the fact that the company's main pollutants are volatile organic waste gas, the company has increased its investment in organic waste gas treatment since August 2014, continuously upgrading the environmental protection equipment for waste gas treatment, and continuously improving the environmental protection of organic waste gas. Governance efficiency and effectively reduce VOCs emissions. In February 2018, the company commissioned a third-party professional organization to prepare Zhuhai Rongsheng's "VOCs Comprehensive Remediation Plan" based on the actual production situation of the company, effectively controlling the organic waste gas in the company's production process, and effectively reducing the annual emissions of VOCs by 44.5 tons. The program has been accepted and filed by the relevant government environmental protection expert group.


Through the above targeted treatment measures, the company has effectively reduced its output by steadily reducing the total amount of VOCs (the total amount of VOCs discharged by 118 tons/year compared with 2016). In 2016, the annual output was 13,000 tons, and the 2017 production reached a historic breakthrough of 14,000 tons.


We have reason to believe that under the correct leadership of the company's senior leadership, adhere to the core of "both advancement, technology wins", the concept of obeying the law and integrity, the company will achieve a clean sustainable development strategy. The company's tomorrow will be even better!

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