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In the autumn of that year, Xiner’s lover left her, left Zhuhai, and gave up her feelings for many years. Her heart broke, and it seemed like the sky was falling. The feeling of depression made her breathless. Wrap yourself deep, put all your energy into the work, and slowly heal.

In the autumn of that year, Xiner’s lover left her, left Zhuhai, and gave up her feelings for many years. Her heart broke, and it seemed like the sky was falling. The feeling of depression made her breathless. Wrap yourself deep, put all your energy into the work, and slowly heal.


 In the blink of an eye, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. In the days when the moon is reunited, I remember the bitterness of happiness in the past, and Xiner wants to escape! Escape from the nest that once lived with him, escape from the place where he once lived with him, and even escape the air that he used to breathe with him! As long as you can close your sad thoughts, as long as you can take a good breath, as long as you can open your mouth, even if you can only leave one day, one moment, one moment...


 So, with a broken heart, Xiner signed up for the Mid-Autumn Festival tour of Guishan Island and banished himself to the island. The boat slowly sailed away from Xiangzhou Port and headed for the depths of the sea. The sea gradually changed from yellow to blue. Then, a lot of green seaweed suddenly appeared on the sea surface, making the sea surface become dark green and endless. The sky is a clear blue, the white clouds are dotted with the blue sky, the sun shines quietly, and the heart of Xiner is warmed up little by little. Standing on the deck of the ship, closing your eyes, imagining that you have invested in the embrace of the sea, the sea is so kind and inclusive, the waves gently shake the ship's side, just like when the mother is holding her weak, gentle Pat her shoulders and sing a little song to her. She suddenly felt very quiet, very warm, very comfortable, tears could not help but flow out.


 She stood so quietly, closed her eyes, silently licking tears, until her heart slowly calmed down, feeling relaxed as never before, then opened her eyes and saw the sky is so clear, green and vast sea It was so wide, so vast, and suddenly found that everything had changed, and the mood suddenly became clear. He took a sigh of relief, held his fist, made a throwing action, and imagined throwing away all the grief in his heart. Suddenly there was a soft applause from behind, and she was shocked. Looking back, it turned out to be Abin. I didn’t expect to meet an acquaintance on the boat. Xiner quickly wiped the tears and reported him a shyness. Smiley: "So smart! How come you?"


 Abin is a colleague of Xiner. From the day she went to the Xiner department, she liked this girl at first sight. She liked her quiet temperament, liked her delicate face, liked her pure sunshine smile, liked her peace. The mentality, Abin likes Xiner, and thinks that Xiner knows him, so she has never confessed to her until one day, when she looks at Xiner and falls in love with another colleague, Abin discovered that Xiner is that. The girl with thick lines didn’t understand Abin’s mind at all. Abin’s heart hurts and hurts, but only the feelings are deeply hidden, and sincere wishes are sweet!


The lover's departure, the feelings are broken, although Xiner hides very well, the delicate Abin still finds out, I don't know from which day, he sees the faint sorrow of the eyes of Xiner, sometimes the brow is deep, and occasionally Showing a sense of restlessness and loss of soul, but Abin did not dare to make a second, but silent attention.


 When Abin chatted with Xiner’s girlfriends QQ, he inadvertently heard Xiner’s signing up for the island tour. His heart was “squeaky” and quickly found the ID card and rushed to Xiangzhou Port. It was finally caught up before the ship left the shore, and this appeared the scene of the "occupation".


Looking at the girl who likes it, the smile of the pear flower with rain, let Abin burst into a heartache, so it is a humorous: "Cry the sea and cry like this? If you still want to cry, you can consider lending me. The T-shirt will wipe your nose, and then lend my shoulder to you." Xiner smiled and said: "You will ridicule me!" Suddenly Xiner pointed to the distant sea and said: "Look, it is not white. Dolphins? Wow! A lot of things!” A group of white dolphins jumped in the blue waves in the direction of the fingers of Xiner, elegant and cheerful! Abin pointed at the two dolphins in front and smiled and said to Xiner: "The first one is you, the second one is me, I will always be with you, and I will never leave!" Xiner was very moved and finally understood. Bin's mind.


 The Mid-Autumn Night of Guishan Island is so beautiful! So quiet, quiet to hear each other's heartbeat, Xiner and Abin walk side by side at the seaside, the waves slap against the coast, the air is slightly savory, the taste is pleasing, the stars are a little bit, the moon It is also a special round, especially bright!


The bright moonlight is poured on this pair of people, Xiner pointed to the moon and said: "The sea rises to the moon." Abin said: "Xin Bin has this time." Xiner laughed and then said: "I hope people will last for a long time", Abin quickly catches up: "Xin Bin a total of Juan Juan!" Abin's Lai Pi let Xiner smiled, the moon also hid in the clouds, Abin Very happy: "Since then, the prince and the princess have started a happy life!"

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